A Tribute: Ed Snider

By: Ian Wixted

This post was supposed to be about how the Flyers clinched a playoff spot over the weekend. A team that wasn’t suppose to reach this level for another couple of years, became one of the hottest teams after the All-Star break. A celebratory post about how the Flyers overcame the odds, arrived early, and beat their bitter rivals, the Pittsburgh Penguins, to clinch the final Playoff spot.

This post was supposed to be a look back to April 11, 1989, when Ron Hextall became the first goalie ever to score a goal in a Playoff game. A beloved player making sports and Philly history, who is now in the front office making the right moves to bring the Flyers back to Lord Stanley’s Cup.

But this post is about the man who made all of this possible from the start. The one and only Mr. Snider.

Today, it isn’t as sunny as you would think in Philadelphia, there is a dark cloud hovering over the Wells Fargo Center because we lost Ed Snider to a battle with cancer. The NHL and the rest of the sports world have been pouring out sentiments and memories all-day honoring the Chairman of the Philadelphia Flyers.

We can’t add anything new to conversation besides our gratitude and our thank yous to the man who showed the City of Brotherly Love how to be Bullies and made us into a hockey town. R.I.P. Mr. Snider! Thank you for the Flyers, thank you for the Broad Street Bullies, thank you for back-to-back Stanley Cup Titles, and thank you for everything else you’ve done for our city. This playoff run is for you!


Video Tribute provided by the NHL: https://www.nhl.com/flyers/video/a-tribute-to-ed-snider/t-277437426/c-43432703


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