Tinker Tuesdays – Nike Air Raid

image via fngmagazine

By: Ian Wixted

After a two week hiatus, Tinker Tuesdays is back with a classic silhouette that took basketball from the courts back to the concrete! Tinker Hatfield developed the Nike Air Raid for those who developed their game playing in the harsh conditions of outside courts. These kicks were made for OUTDOOR USE ONLY!

image via Nike

Nike tasked the GOAT of sneaker design to create a new basketball sneaker that was durable enough to last everyday usage on the blacktop. A little post-it note was left on Tinker’s desk instructing him to create this new silhouette, but this being Tinker Hatfield, a post-it note was all the motivation needed to create another iconic classic from Tinker and Nike.

image via Nike

Streetball back in the 90s, and in general, was like the Wild West. All the rules were thrown out the window, it was basketball at its purest, but you had to be physical or else you would get knocked down, a lot. So Tinker wanted to embody that toughness while creating the Air Raid. He developed a new strap system that would lock your foot in position and it became the selling point for the Air Raid because of its bold look. “That X was about strapping up to go into battle, because you’re going to get knocked around the frickin’ cage and you need to strap yourself in.”

image via Nike

Tinker Hatfield completely changed the game of streetball when he introduced the Air Raid. Gone were the days of worrying about scuffing up your indoor sneakers and wearing them down to dust. The Air Raid gave outdoor players strength, stability, and durability every time they stepped on the blacktop. A silhouette that redefined the street game and even made an impact in the NBA with Tim Hardaway, add another check to the name Tinker Hatfield for a silhouette that revolutionized sports and fashion.



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