Tinker Tuesdays – Air Jordan 10

By: Ian Wixted

“When I come back like Jordan wearing the 4-5, it ain’t to play games with you…” With Michael Jordan retired chasing fly balls on the baseball diamond, Tinker Hatfield did not want to see the Jordan line suffer. During the 1994-95 NBA season, Tinker created the Air Jordan 10 in honor of MJ to keep his legacy alive.

To create the Air Jordan 10, Tinker used inspirations from previous AJ models. He chose to incorporate aesthetics from the Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 5, and Air Jordan 6 to develop a silhouette he thought Michael Jordan would never wear. When the Air Jordan 10 first released, it was available in three colorways: Steel Grey, Powder Blue, and Shadow. A special City Pack was released to highlight 5 NBA cities: Chicago, New York, Seattle, Orlando, and Sacramento. This was very popular at the time and we still feel its impact today as a new AJ 10 City Pack is releasing.


Thinking that Jordan’s NBA days were behind him, Tinker wanted to pay tribute to the GOAT on the Air Jordan 10. He decided to put MJ’s greatest achievements up to that point on the sole of the sneaker. 85 Rookie of the Year, 86 63 Points, 87 Scoring Title, 88 Dunk Champ, 89 All Defense, 90 Scores 69 points, 91 MVP/Championship, 92 MVP/Championship, 93 MVP/Championship, 94 Beyond.

Michael Jordan came out of retirement wearing the 4-5 on March 19th, 1995. “I’m back” was all that needed to be said for the league to know of the GOAT’s return, and Tinker was ready for him with a pair of the Air Jordan 10s. The Jordan line brought out the best in Tinker Hatfield, and the AJ 10 is another creation in a long line of silhouettes to make an everlasting impression.




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