Tinker Tuesdays: Air Max 1

By: Ian Wixted

Nike realized the future way back in 1987 when they introduced the Air Max 1 to the world. This radical new design was about to change the running game forever, and it’s all thanks to Tinker Hatfield. To Nike, Tinker Hatfield was their Doc Brown and the Air Max 1 was his DeLorean, and they were both about to take us all back to the future!

Air Max 1 via solecollector.com
Image via SoleCollector

The Air Max 1 (or ’87 for the OGs) was not a shoe, as the ads would remind us, it was a revolution! A silhouette that showcased to the world Nike Air technology through the window on the sole. An idea that was not popular around Nike until Tinker convinced them it was the right decision, and with his futuristic insight, the Air Max 1 became one of Nike’s most successful silhouettes.

Air Max 1 sketch
Image via Tumblr

Tinker Hatfield got his inspiration for the design of the Air Max 1 during a trip to Paris. While visiting the Pompidou Centre, the famous center known for its inside-out design. The look of the building is what inspired Tinker to show off and recognize the new technologies Nike was developing.

Image via planetden.com

Another successful Nike innovation, another notch in Tinker Hatfield’s belt of successful designs. The Air Max 1 just makes you want to go running  when looking at it, but it’s also made an impact in the fashion world as well. Colorways on top of colorways, the Air Max 1 has seen its fair share of dope colors but the two best in my opinion are the classic red/white and the first ever collaboration with Japanese boutique Atmos.

Air Max 1 Atmos
Images via Complex.com

Air Max 1

The Air Max 1 is an iconic shoe that was way ahead of its time when it debut in 1987. This is a silhouette that belongs in every sneakerhead’s collection, so if you’re interested in starting or adding to your collection, pick up a pair in your favorite color with KicksUSA’s selection: http://www.kicksusa.com/nike-air-max-1.html

Tinker AM1
Image via KicksOnFire

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