Sneakers Tell Stories Vol. 8

By: Charlie Green

Aeropooch’s Pinnacle 1’s

Growing up in Pasadena, CA, Aeropooch (aka sneak attack, aka everydaimday) was into basketball and skateboarding.  One day, a fellow classmate walking through their elementary school caught his eye.  “I was aware of Nikes and Adidas, but I had never seen these before.  The clear mesh, ridged shark-like teeth on the midsole, and as my neck continued to turn another 180 degrees, I noticed the bottom of the shoe was all clear.  I was like, ‘Dang man, those are dope!’  AND they had the Nike Air on the back.”  He is referring to the first time he laid eyes on the Air Jordan 5.  His passion for sneakers has only grown from there.


Aeropooch’s love for Jordan brand and Nike is well documented on his YouTube channel, and he is someone who values the history of Michael Jordan and his shoes.  When he first saw the Pinnacle 1’s that were releasing in late September of 2015 in tan, he was drawn to the look.  But when he did the research and found out the meaning behind them, Aeropooch knew he had to have them.  They are vachetta tan leather, which is untreated. It is used in Louis Vuitton bags.  “I was just bugging out.  It makes so much sense, why it’s called the Pinnacle and how they came up with it.  I was blown away… and then when I heard the pricetag I was really blown away!”  Jordan brand has had a tendency to do that lately with remastered releases.  He took the L, as most of us do nowadays, on the initial release.  In his head, he moved on to the next one and forgot all about them.  Some time went by, and as he was coming out of work one day, his phone started to vibrate and it was a restock of the Pinnacle 1’s on the SNKRS app.  “I didn’t hesitate, I shit you not,” he laughs.  “I bought it so quick, and after I bought it and realized what I was able to purchase. Man, I was smiling all the way home.”


He wanted to make a video about the sneakers in order to document them properly but he knew there would be 1,001 videos about this particular pair.  He wanted to come up with a unique idea.  And he did: the #95dayspinnacle1 project.  Aeropooch would wear his vachetta tan 1’s every day during the 95 days of summer.  He would document the journey during the natural aging process of untreated leather, which is tanning in sunlight.  He recalls their stiffness when he first put them on.  “They felt like a church shoe, old-school leather church shoes, and you gotta break ‘em in.  It was exactly like that.”  He washed his hands before putting them on because any oils from his hands would affect the absorbent, sensitive leather.  “I did a lot of research and I decided not to put any protection on the shoe because I wanted everything that was going to happen to the shoe to happen.  I wanted the leather to scratch, I wanted to get it wet, I wanted to just go all out.  Not hinder the tanning process and age it accordingly, naturally and organic.”  He wore them everydaimday, even if it was only for a couple of hours.  Aeropooch did everything in them, including washing his car, cooking in the kitchen, and changing tires.  The only part of the shoe he kept clean was the midsole.


During #95dayspinnacle1, a lot of things happened to the shoes that gave them a unique look and feel, but he clearly recalls their “biggest event” that summer.  Aeropooch was working on a YouTube video and was on the beach.  The tide came up quickly, but he was in the zone, focused, and getting great footage.  Next thing he knew, the tide completely covered the shoes, up to his ankles.  “Saltwater just came through and I was freaking out for a second. But then I was like, ‘You know what?  This is the whole point of me rockin’ these.”  This only added to their aged look and character.  Sometimes a sneaker owner’s worst nightmare can turn into a best-case scenario.  “The more I wore them, the nicer they got.”


Aeropooch’s style has grown over the years to incorporate more than just his beloved Nike and Jordan brand.  He describes his style as “well-rounded,” and believes that is the most important quality in a sneakerhead.  “You don’t want to have steak and potatoes every day.  You don’t wear the same t-shirt every day, or the same socks or underwear.  It should be the same with sneakers.  Opening your view of things and seeing all the different shoes for what they are: SNEAKERS.  Take the branding away and look at the shoe.  Appreciate the design, the aesthetics, the material, the comfort, midsole, the silhouette, the history.  When you look at sneakers like that it’s a whole other world.”  His organic love for sneakers bleeds through on all of his social media pages.  He is a real person who loves kicks; he’s not doing it for the recognition.  He’s not a carbon copy, but a godfather in the ShoeTube game.  Sneaker culture is as rich as it is because of people like Aeropooch.

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