Sneakers Tell Stories Vol. 6

By: Charlie Green

Tim’s Nike Cross Trainers

Nothing tells a more descriptive story than a worn pair of kicks.  They’ve been everywhere with you: that unforgettable concert, that first date, that trip to Europe, etc… Sneakers right out of the box are fresh, but the ones that you’ve lived in are unique to you.  This is Tim’s story:


Tim works in IT for a large company – a job that has him sitting at a desk for most of the day.  A few years back, Tim dedicated himself to becoming more active.  He began exercising regularly and joined a boxing class.  He started out in his old workout shoes, but quickly realized he needed an updated sneaker to fit his new lifestyle.  Tim purchased a pair of Nike cross trainers, which he says made him feel like “part of the club” with his boxing crew.  Tim now uses these kicks for everyday wear too, but they are more than just a shoe.  He loves the shoes, but he also loves that they remind him of the past and they represent what he has been able to achieve in his life.


Tim describes himself as a “T-shirt and jeans kinda guy.”  For many years, he wore button-down shirts, khakis and dress shoes to work.  Recently, he has been making the switch to more casual and comfortable attire, and Tim now wears his Nike cross trainers every day.  Coming to work in comfortable shoes can make getting through the day a little easier.  They’re his go-to shoes, and he often finds himself choosing them over other options in his closet.  “I enjoy wearing them” is not something that everybody can say about the kicks they wear to work.  When asked what makes the shoes special, Tim describes how the fit is just a little too tight.  If he wears them for too long his toe hurts.  So why is that special, you might ask?  He jokes that he’ll endure a little discomfort because he really likes the shoes.  Like any healthy relationship, right?


Sneakers can be a barometer of success.  For Tim, who is no sneakerhead, that does not mean success like copping a pair of 350 Boosts on release day or paying resale for Bred 1’s.  Tim’s success is in reaching a point in life where he can provide more for his kids than what he had coming up.  Tim says, “When I grew up, I had shoes with holes in them, all the way through.  And I had to wear them.”  Although it is just one small aspect of overall success, the sneakers are a tangible item that represent having become a responsible and capable man and father.  “It’s just a small sense of accomplishment.”  He feels good about being able to provide his kids with name-brand shoes, and they will never have to wear a pair with holes in them.


Wearing his Nike trainers gives Tim an air of confidence that he didn’t have as a child.  When you’re a kid, you dream about being an adult and having the freedom to choose what you buy.  Ask any adult sneakerhead what is special about their sneaker collection?  Nine out of ten times they’ll mention that it is special to be able to buy the kicks that they wanted as a kid, but couldn’t have.  For Tim, it’s not about acquiring the Vans that he missed out on in his youth.  It’s about being able to support his healthy lifestyle and giving his kids something he never had.


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