Sneakers Tell Stories Vol. 4

By: Charlie Green

Ron’s AJ 1s

Nothing tells a more descriptive story than a worn pair of kicks.  They’ve been everywhere with you: that unforgettable concert, that first date, that trip to Europe, etc… Sneakers right out of the box are fresh, but the ones that you’ve lived in are unique to you. This is Ron’s story:

Ron is on his way to Denver in his 7-year-old Air Jordan 1s.  He walks confidently through Terminal 3 at LAX, headed to his gate.  He’s off to visit his girl for the weekend in his “go to” kicks.  These were purchased at an outlet mall in Indianapolis when Ron was a sophomore in high school.  They cost him $45. “For 45? I’m down,” he says with a smile.   He immediately swapped the white laces for black, which he says “really made the shoe.”   He feels as good in them today as he did seven years ago, when they were brand new.


When you say a shoe is comfortable, it isn’t always limited to the support or cushion.  Your go to shoes can put you in the necessary mood to take on the day.  If there’s a task ahead that you’re dreading or you’re headed to the court to let off a little steam, your kicks will get you through it.  “I’ve hooped in these, I’ve kicked it in these…and I’m moving so these are the ones that I keep out.”  Versatility is a must when it comes to your favorite kicks.  They’re always there for you to count on, no matter what you have on your plate.


Ron describes his style in one word: “different.”  High school is a time for finding yourself, and your style.  “There was a time where all I wore were gym shorts and matching t-shirts or jerseys, then I went through a phase where I was wearing all dress clothes.”  His Js lasted through it all.   Ron’s sneakers have grown up right along with him.  The best compliment he can remember is the one he gave himself: “These are freakin’ fresh.”


Ron associates these Jordan 1s with Space Jam.  “They have no reason to but I remember seeing MJ in his 11’s and that’s the shoe right there.  I got all the Bugs Bunny gear!  The Space Jam connection for me is big in my love of basketball.”  That’s what makes Michael Jordan so special, and why his shoes have become iconic.  When you put on a pair of Js, you feel like, maybe, you can be him.  You could defeat the MonStars with a last second shot and be the hero.  That’s what this pair of 1s did for Ron as well as many other kids out there. I can certainly relate.


Confidence is a driving force behind success.  Ron’s Air Jordan 1s give him the foundation of confidence he needs to progress in his life, “the constant boost I get from wearing my favorite pair,” in his own words.  I think many would agree that there’s no article of clothing that accomplishes this quite like Jordans.  This is a guy who is destined for great things.  When you speak with Ron, you can sense the confidence he has in himself.  Right now, he’s in a time of transition in his life and that can be unsettling.  There is nothing that grounds you like your favorite Js on your feet.

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