Sneakers Tell Stories Vol. 3

By: Charlie Green

Angira’s Asics – 9/11/16

Nothing tells a more descriptive story than a worn pair of kicks.  They’ve been everywhere with you: that unforgettable concert, that first date, that trip to Europe, etc… Sneakers right out of the box are fresh, but the ones that you’ve lived in are unique to you.  This is Angira’s story:


Angira is a florist, “by chance,” she explains.  Seven years ago, she was looking for an investment.  That’s when she realized she had a knack for creating arrangements, and she turned that knack into her very own successful flower shop in Beverly Hills.  Flowers are given for all sorts of occasions – celebrations, graduations, birthdays, get well wishes, apologies, condolences, the list goes on.  A customer’s relationship with their florist can be an intimate one.  Creating a unique bouquet that will bring someone a smile is a beautiful thing, especially when someone needs some joy infused into their day.  Angira recalls one arrangement that she created for a man using a high heel-shaped vase.  His daughter had just undergone foot surgery, and her day was a little brighter thanks to the rose-filled faux shoe.


The sneakers Angira wears to work every day provide her with the comfort and support she needs to live out her “by chance” dream.  She found her Asics at an outlet mall in Orange County.  She has sensitive feet and had heard that Asics are great shoes for being on your feet all day.  A florist’s job is physically demanding and requires her to be on the move all day five, sometimes six days a week.  When asked if her shoes make her happy, she said, “Standing on my feet all day doesn’t make me happy!”  I think we can all agree with Angira.


Angira’s sneakers have become an everyday item, a part of her uniform.  She is happy to set them aside on her day off.  “It’s a necessity, not my preferred style. The industry I’m in requires comfort,” she replied, when asked if she wears sneakers away from the shop.  For some people, sneakers are not something that they want to wear. They’re something they NEED to wear.  Yet still, somehow, these shoes are serving a purpose and woven into the everyday life of their wearer.  This is what makes sneakers special.  Whether praised or overlooked, they are the platform that people use to carry out their dreams every day.


Do you have a pair of sneakers that tell a story?  Share them with us.  Post your pictures to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #SneakersTellStories and include why they are special to you for a chance to be featured on the weekly blog.

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