Sneakers Tell Stories Vol. 2

By: Charlie Green

Brian’s Air Max 1’s – 9/4/16

Nothing tells a more descriptive story than a worn pair of kicks.  They’ve been everywhere with you: that unforgettable concert, that first date, that trip to Europe, etc… Sneakers right out of the box are fresh, but the ones that you’ve lived in are unique to you.  This is Brian’s story:

Brian is a passionate man with a love for sports and a gift for teaching.  Naturally, he was drawn to coaching.  He has worked with grade-school kids in sports since practically the moment he stepped out of grade school himself.  His coaching kicks, Air Max 1s that he’s been wearing daily for the past three years, represent the kind of dedicated teacher that he is.  They tell the story of a coach who has been through it all.

Sneakers tell stories Vol 2 pic 1

A sneakerhead, Brian is not.  “My income is better spent towards food and shelter,” he says.  Whether you’re a sneaker collector or you’re more practical, like Brian, a new pair of shoes seems to have the same effect on everyone.  “I am looking fly right now,” is what Brian thought to himself when he put these on for the very first time.  Getting compliments like, “Those are fresh, I haven’t seen those before” is nothing to sneeze at when living in Astoria, Queens – the same place RUN DMC and LL Cool J were running the rap game in their Adidas shell toes way back when.

Sneakers tell stories Vol 2 pic 2

These Independence Day themed shoes also have brought Brian good fortune.  “I’ve been to three middle-school championships in these.  They are good luck.  I’ve been successful in them.”  Bringing home the 11-year-old middle school chip on Randall’s Island is one of the memories he will forever associate with his sneakers.  They are more than his coaching uniform; they are part of his coaching style.

Sneakers tell stories Vol 2 pic 3

When asked if he would ever get rid of his Air Max 1s, Brian replied, “It might be about that time, but if I do they’re going in the closet for keepsake.”  Your beloved, most-worn sneakers are hard to let go of.  Trashing them feels a little like getting rid of a piece of you.  Brian’s sneakers have become a part of his life, and they’ve earned a forever home in his closet.

Do you have a pair of sneakers that tell a story?  Share them with us.  Post your pictures to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #SneakersTellStories and include why they are special to you for a chance to be featured on the weekly blog.

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