Sneakers Tell Stories Vol. 1

By: Charles Green

Craig’s Stan Smiths – 8/26/16

Nothing tells a more descriptive story than a worn pair of kicks.  They’ve been everywhere with you: that unforgettable concert, that first date, that trip to Europe, and every step on all those ordinary days, too.  Sneakers right out of the box are fresh, but the ones that you’ve lived in are part of a story that is unique to you.  This is Craig’s sneaker story:

Mr. Green

Stan Smiths are one of the most iconic silhouettes in sneaker fashion today and are considered a staple in any respectable closet.  They can be dressed up or down, and are the perfect complement to just about any outfit.  If you’ve never owned a pair of Stan Smiths, you may not know what I’m talking about.  Craig understands this sentiment exactly.  He’s known since a trip to the mall 27 years ago while attending college in New Hampshire.  Ever since then, Adidas Stan Smiths are the only sneakers that Craig wears.

Mr. Green 2

Two years ago, Craig became a father.  The opportunity to share something you love with your child is something special.  Craig remembers buying his son his first pair of Stan Smiths.  “Knowing that I was going to have a little dude and buying his first pair was an incredible feeling.  Going to his gym class together, as a team, for the first time and taking a picture of our matching shoes is something that I’ll remember forever.”  This is what makes a sneaker more than just something that you wear; they’re something that you live in.

Mr. Green 3

Mr. Green 4

Craig’s style is self-described as “a mix of old school and new school.”  His Adidas collection speaks to that, as he currently has six pairs of identical Stan Smiths in various conditions.  “These I wear to work.  These I use for gardening.  These are for going out.  These are for going to the store.”  His shoes serve as a glimpse into how he’s feeling that day.  Fashion is an expression, an opportunity to communicate, and an art form.

Mr. Green 5

Wearing the iconic sneaker gives Craig a little extra confidence, a kind that cannot be found elsewhere.  “It’s not about what other people think.  I try to keep ‘em white, I take pride in that”.  When asked if he could ever see himself wearing a different pair of sneakers he answered as I suspected he would, “Absolutely not.”

Mr. Green 6

Do you have a pair of sneakers that tell a story?  Share them with us.  Post your pictures to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #SneakersTellStories and include why they are special to you for a chance to be featured on the weekly blog.

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