Presenting: The Evolve Showcase

By: Ian Wixted

KicksUSA is proud to present the Evolve Showcase! Partnering with Converse and Team Royale, the Evolve Showcase is an event to highlight up & coming talent in music, art, and fashion. Being held at The Club House, located at 1014 N Marshall in Philadelphia PA, the showcase will feature acts Team Royale (Ronnie Riggles, Fretti Griffin Wayne & Spiff E), The Gouda Gods (J.A.V.A.N + Wes Walker + Schilly), and Herb Sims. On the ones and twos will be Coca Chanel, DJ FM, Tati Mia, and Wavelengths. A photographic display will be provided by Yinka Soda, and El Blanco Rabbit will have a live painting session. Rounding out the Evolve Showcase will be an early look at Converse’s Fall ’16 Lifestyle line. If you’re a fan of music, art, and/or fashion, the Evolve Showcase is where you need to be tomorrow, Thursday, April 28. 8pm-12am, $5 until 10pm, women free until 9:30pm.

To highlight the event’s up & coming talent, we had the pleasure of asking a couple questions to some of the performers for the showcase, here were their responses:

What Does Evolve Mean To You?

Ronnie Riggles (Team Royale) – When I came up with the idea of the “Evolve” showcase I wanted to come up with and event series that would help elevate or “Evolve” the culture (or lack of) that I see amongst my creative peers. I wanted to give people on the scene something they hadn’t seen.

Spiff E (Team Royale) – What Evolve means to me is something surpassing itself beyond its original expectation.  I used to make music completely by myself and was content on where my sound was but recently I’ve been making music with very good friends of mine mainly (Ronnie Riggles & Fretti Griffin Wayne).  Fretti Griffin Wayne established a music group named “Team Royale” and since then Fretti & Ronnie’s unique sounds and influence on my music has allowed me to evolve vice versa.  With this event I believe we’ll evolve even further and really take things to new heights.

J.A.V.A.N (The Gouda Gods) – To me evolve means to transform into something or someone you thought you’d never be and continuing to better yourself in the process , deciding whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing is all a personal journey.

Herb SimsEvolve means growth to me. I feel in the world we live in we go through certain situations and levels as we live on. We always get a chance to evolve and change for the better. 

What Is Your Favorite Converse?

Ronnie Riggles (Team Royale) – I’m actually a converse fanatic, in my youth I’m pretty sure I kept around 10-15 boxes of chucks in my room at a time. I was always inspired from watching old athletes and the movie sandlot to love chucks. I couldn’t pick a color or style I love them all high top, low top, every color. Haha.

Spiff E (Team Royale) – My favorite pair of converses would have to be the black and white chucks.  Mainly high or low top chucks because they’re a classic, timeless sneaker that will never go out of style.

J.A.V.A.N (The Gouda Gods) – My favorite pair of Converses are the converse cons high to skate edition. They have extra padding for Skateboarding and heel support that you can’t find in the regular hightop chucks.

Herb SimsMan that’s a hard one, I like the classics but who doesn’t (lol)  My top 2 are the Weapons, like the ones Larry. B and Magic use to wear. And the Off white mid. With the red & blue outline. I’ve had those pair weapons when I was younger. The red and yellow pair with the throwback Hawks jersey. Or a fresh pair of dickies with the off white (tan) chucks. Can’t beat the classics.

How Long Have You Been Performing? What Got You Started?

Ronnie Riggles (Team Royale) – March of 2016 actually marked the 2 year anniversary of my musical and performing career. I was inspired by my creative friends around me and after dropping out of college I needed a better outlet for things than selling drugs.

Spiff E (Team Royale) – I’ve been performing since I was about 19 back when I opened for Moosh & Twist at the TLA. What actually got me into performing was my older brother. He used to rap by the name “Mook.E”. I attended his first performance and thought it would be whack because of how thin the crowd was. The energy he gave off while performing instantly changed my mind about the outcome show.  People went from sitting down and drinking to jumping around chanting within the timespan of one song.  He had total crowd control and his performance was really inspiring.

J.A.V.A.N (The Gouda Gods) – I started performing at 15 my older friends had a rap group called the bakery boys and I expressed that I wanted  to start rapping,so we recorded a few songs and would perform at least one of them at any  show they got booked for. Once I got older I started getting my own gigs and rappin with other friends and have got to travel across America in the process.

Herb SimsI grew up around music my whole life. I started writing and rapping seriously around my Jr. year of high school. Been performing every time I’ve gotten the chance to. That’s how you build the platform and continue to connect with more and more people.

What Is Team Royale?

Ronnie Riggles (Team Royale) – Team Royale is a conglomerate of friends that began in what we like to call “the trenches”. A group of young youth who spent countless long nights together living how the dropouts and gypsies live. We all resonated with a desire to make a positive change and we felt through the influence we have on the youth amongst our peers (and our party expertise) we could come together and Team Royale was formed (Shout outs to our founder Fretti Griffin Wayne). We grew to become much more than a bunch of young kids partying, but a group of thoughtful minded creatives who are dedicated to “Changing the World. One Day at a time”.

Fretti Griffin Wayne (Team Royale) – Team Royale is a life style group that focuses on the growth of artist and friendship on all levels. It was created in 2012 in the city of Philadelphia with the high hopes of being able to change the current situation of the Philadelphia music and party scene. As our numbers grew, we started focusing more on giving back to the community.Our message of spreading peace and positivity to one another as artists and people going through similar struggles was the main reason the organization was created. For us  TeamRoyale represents more than just a music group. It represents the next step in communal development for the city of Philadelphia. 

The Evolve Showcase is tomorrow night, Thursday, April 28th from 8pm – 12am at The Club House, 1014 N Marshall, Philadelphia PA.

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