Painting with Kicks

By: Ian Wixted

Photography By : Luis Ledesma

We here at KicksUSA love to give back to our community whenever the opportunity presents itself. Our community is what makes us succeed as a business, so it is our duty and our pleasure to lend a helping hand to any cause that betters the community and surrounding areas. After all, Make a Difference is part of The Kicks Way!img_1046

Yesterday, September 29th, we had the privilege of working with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Led by Betsy Casañas and a group of former students and volunteers, our task for the day was painting a huge mural for the Spring Garden Bridge. Once the mural is completed, it will coincide with an exhibit at the Philadephia Museum of Art with a dedication ceremony on October 29th, 2016.


This has been a passion project for our Human Resources department for about a year now. They were trying to connect with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program for volunteering opportunities, and a former employee of ours, Luis Ledesma, was the person who connected both ends.


Painting a mural was a little intimidating at first, but became second nature after a couple of brush strokes because of the energy within the studio. The room was filled with laughter and excitement, brushes were moving to the sounds of Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday and a mix of Latin music.


The second part of the day got a little crazy when the lights went out, but that wasn’t going to stop us! A couple of cell phone flashlights here and there, and boom! Painting in the Dark!



A gloomy rainy day in Fishtown turned out to be a bright and colorful experience for us that we greatly appreciated! We would like to say Thank You to Betsy Casañas, her former students, and volunteers who accepted us like family and showed us the ropes of mural painting. Hopefully, KicksUSA and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program can continue this relationship for many more projects to come! We can’t wait to see this mural finalized and hope to see all of you there for the big reveal at the Philadephia Museum of Art on October 29th, 2016!





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