Office Features Vol. 2

Many of you guys may have seen the inside of a KicksUSA store too many times to count. But what about what goes on behind the scenes, back at the office? We thought we’d show you a little peek at what life is like here at KicksUSA. We’ll be featuring a member of the Kicks family on here every once in a while, so make sure to check back for more! Welcome to Office Features!

For this week, we’d like to introduce you to Ian! Keep reading below to find out what he does!


What Are You wearing Today?

The Hundreds x Reebok ‘Coldwaters’ Pump AXT

How Long Have you Been working at Kicksusa?

I’ve been working at Kicks for almost two years now. I started as an intern back in October of 2014, and became a full-time employee in April of 2015.


What do you do here?

I am the Content Coordinator for the website. All of the copy you see for products on the site, the brand pages, and release calendar is written by me. I also run our blog, The Fourth Quarter.


Can you show us a few of your office essentials?


My main office essential would have to be my computer. “This is where the magic happens”, heard that from an episode of Cribs. Everything I do work related is done on my desktop.

Another office essential are my headphones. When I have about 80 products that need to go live, I don’t panic and stress out. I just put on my headphones, listening to some music, and get to writing.

Lastly on my office essentials list, my Stimpy mug. I drink at least 10 cups of water a day, if not more.


What do you like about working at kicks?

This is the first job that has allowed me to use my creativity and imagination to the full extent. I always wanted to be a writer and working here gave me the opportunity to finally use the skills I went to college for. The best part of working here is that mostly everyone has an open-door policy, so anytime you have an idea you are freely able to express it and work on it.


What is your all-time favorite sneaker?

I would have to say the Answer 1s (hold your boos!) I remember my sister having a pair of the Question 1s and thought they were the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, until the Answers came out. The split tongue that revealed the Reebok logo once you laced them up, that’s what sealed it for me. Growing up playing basketball in Philly, A.I. is a living legend here, so these were a must-have!


What is your go-to sneaker?

Right now I would have to say either the Bodega x Asics Gel-Classic ‘On the Road’ or the adidas Ultraboost. I walk a lot for exercise and these two are probably the most comfortable pairs of sneakers I currently own.

Pet Peeve?

When people take cross-branding way too seriously. I mean don’t go too crazy with it, but there is nothing wrong with mixing up brands every now and again. Unless you’re sponsored by a brand, cool, if not and you’re wearing it head-to-toe, you look like a walking billboard that isn’t getting paid.

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