Office Features Vol. 1

Many of you guys may have seen the inside of a KicksUSA store too many times to count. But what about what goes on behind the scenes, back at the office? We thought we’d show you a little peek at what life is like here at KicksUSA. We’ll be featuring a member of the Kicks family on here every once in a while, so make sure to check back for more! Welcome to Office Features!


For this week, we’d like to introduce you to Milly! Keep reading below to find out what she does! 

Milly 1

What are you wearing today?

Milly Collage

        Banana Republic Long-Sleeve Buttondown

        Ann Taylor Loft Tank Top

        Banana Republic pants

        Puma x Solange “Girls of Blaze” Disc Blazes

How long have you been working at KicksUSA?

I started as an intern in May of 2015 and was hired full-time starting in November of 2015, once I graduated from college.

Milly 5

What do you do here?

I am the marketing coordinator for all in-store events, signage, and promotion. So any imagery you see in-stores, any events happening in the stores, and any billboards/commercials/radio spots you see or hear are managed by me.

Milly 6

Can you show us a few of your office essentials?

Milly Collage2

Milly 9

     First and foremost, my laptop is what runs my day. If I didn’t have it, I couldn’t even do anything lol. It is basically my lifeline to my job, without it I’d be lost. 

      Secondly, my notebook & favorite pen. I know, I’m mad corny & old-school but I write down EVERYTHING. No matter who I’m meeting with, no matter where I go, my notebook is always by my side. If I don’t write it down, it won’t happen. I’ve already gone through 2 notebooks since I started…

      Finally, my whiteboard. You know how I said that If I don’t write it down, it won’t happen? Well these are some of the most important things that need to be done(long–term and short-term), along with a to-do list for my assistants of course lol.

Milly 10

What do you like about working at Kicks?

I’m given a lot of creative freedom and liberty here so if I have an idea about something then I’m truly given the resources to make it happen. I’ve worked at major companies before where your opinion wasn’t warranted or valued, so for a retail brand to nurture those ideas and take them into consideration is a great feeling. 

Milly 11

What is your all-time favorite sneaker?

Probably would have to say Paris SB’s & Yellow Lobster’s. I don’t own either but they’re definitely top of my list. OH! And Vashtie 2’s – because I had the opportunity to get them under retail and I passed lol…a time that I regret immensely.

Milly 12

What is your go-to sneaker?

I think I wear my Bronzine huarache’s & my London LOTC Air Max 1s the most out of everything I own. I have a major collection but it’s just so easy to throw huarache’s or Air Max 1’s with any outfit.

Pet peeve?

When people don’t wear socks with their sneakers…like, why. They made no-shows for a reason.

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