KicksUSA Playlist of the Week Vol. 3

By: Minna Hyon

I’m always on my chill wave. Not to get me wrong, I can get hype when the occasion calls for it, but too many loud bangers in my ear and I’ll start to go crazy. So I put together a little playlist that will give you all the chill vibes you need this weekend. I’ve been loving the slow, wavy R&B songs mixed with a bit of electric influences, so artists like Noname and The Internet have been making frequent appearances for me. (If you’re not familiar with Noname, I strongly suggest you do so because her new album is magical and amazing). And I never get tired of producers like Esta and Sango, who can take a song with a great melody and mix it up with hip-hop influences for a melodic banger. This playlist makes for great background music for any activity, so press play and enjoy your labor day weekend!

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