Kicks Makes, The World Takes: Trenton, Cocoons, & New Beginnings

By: Ian Wixted

A new gem from the KicksUSA family is finally here, the grand re-opening of our Trenton, New Jersey location! We are proud to say that we’ve been providing the community of Trenton with great customer service and the latest and greatest in streetwear since 2010.


The man behind the consistent growth and success of our Trenton location is Store Manager Rich Riggi. He has been working in the Trenton area since 1997 and became a member of the KicksUSA team after working for Center City Sports. His passion and commitment to the company and community have provided great service and created an opportunity of employment for the citizens of Trenton.



KicksUSA’s footprint in the Trenton community first started with a transitioning of business with a local competitor, Center City Sports. KicksUSA acquired the space and held interviews with former employees to staff the new store. The first location to open in Trenton was on December 3rd, 2010 and became the 20th store under the KicksUSA family. Located near the corner of State Street and Broad, it quickly became a topic of discussion because of its convenient location in Downtown Trenton.



The first location was relatively small compared to most KicksUSA locations, and within 5 years the business outgrew the space. With a growing business and lack of space, it was only natural for Trenton to expand, but a hiccup happened when they were told they couldn’t expand in the current location.


But all hope wasn’t lost. A new larger space became available right across the street that would provide a great opportunity for the Trenton location to expand. And so like a caterpillar spinning a cocoon to transform into a butterfly, the first Trenton location closed its doors to transform into something greater.



December 3rd, 2015 is when the new store first opened. Located directly across the street from the first location, the new Trenton store is conveniently located in the Capital City Complex. With plenty of foot traction due to a prime location, this beautiful new store is your one-stop shop for everything new in sportswear and streetwear.



We are proud to announce the grand re-opening of our Trenton location and with that comes a grand re-opening party! So if you’re in the Trenton area this weekend, March 15-16, stop in for a great selection of footwear and apparel and some exclusive deals and surprises that you will only see at KicksUSA!


*A recap of the grand re-opening party will follow next week

For directions to the store click here:

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