Kicks Journey – New York Comic Con 2016

By: Ian Wixted

October means only one thing to comic book lovers and nerd culture as a whole, New York Comic Con! A weekend filled with life-like cosplay, booths galore, and a chance to chat it up with your favorite artists. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of exploring the Javits Center and seeing everything that NYCC had to offer. Mostly a group of first-timers, we were kids in a candy store, just in awe of how big the event was!

The day started with a quick train trip to the Big Apple, once we arrived in New York we headed straight towards the convention center. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with something sneakerheads and I’m sure Comic Con attendees are far too used to, a HUGE line. Good thing it was a beautiful Fall day.


Waiting in line we noticed a sea of Cosplayers, building up our excitement for the event. The line moved quickly and we were soon in pop-culture Nirvana!

After getting our bags checked, we heard a voice that should sound familiar to every 90s kid out there, the voice of the one and only Olmec, from The Legend Of the Hidden Temple, and the Nickelodeon booth. People were waiting in line to answer Nicktoon trivia for a chance to win a prize and get your picture taken with the Rugrats. Then it was on to the main floor! Booth after Booth of everything and anything you could dream of. Comics, action figures, t-shirts, giveaways, and original artwork all on display and most for sale, a dream come true for this writer! After we spent a couple hours gawking at everything around us, we found ourselves in Artist Ally, a place where you get to meet artists from all the major companies and start-ups. Going up and down the aisles, we saw a plethora of original artwork from My Little Pony to Daredevil.

The day was a long, exciting, exhausting journey but we had the time of our lives. We hope to go back for next year’s event in a bigger capacity because one day was just not enough to take it all in. But we sure did leave our mark on NYCC16!



And now the reason most of you came to this blog: the Cosplay in all of its glory!

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