Hate: A Letter to Kobe Bryant

To whom it may concern,


I’ve been waiting for this day since 2001. Ever since you denied my team a Championship, denied AI a ring, denied my city a parade down Broad, and denied a young fan’s dream of seeing a title brought home. Patiently counting down the days until I heard those glorious words: “I’m retiring.” And tonight is the last time I will have to see you playing on an NBA court.

Now I’m not the only one whose dreams you crushed throughout your career. There have been many teams you’ve laid to waste over the years, each with bitter memories of their own. You’ve left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths from you consistent whining and baby attitude throughout your career. You’ve pushed away your greatest asset and the only reason you have a three-peat to your name. Going six seasons without winning anything by yourself, and only reaching the promise land again with the help of another big man.

You were average at best. The opposite of your idol Michael Jordan, not making those around you better but making yourself better and leaving your teammates in the dust. Selfish shooting, a staple of your career, is the only reason you came close to Wilt’s record. Never will you be in the same breath as those you idolized because they were something you never could be, a great team player.

20 years of mediocre basketball with a few highlights here and there, tonight can not come soon enough. Will you go out on top? Or, will you fade into darkness just like your precious team has. One thank you is needed though, thank you for single-handedly crumbling one of the greatest franchises in NBA history, your retirement came too little too late for that franchise.


Good riddance to the man who turned his back on a hard-working, blue-collar city for the fake glitz and glamour of Hollywood Land. Just like a great actor, you mimic the hardnose basketball style Philly is known for but will never pay respects to the city that made you.


Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.”

Ps. Never Forget:

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