Foamposite Colorways We Wish Were Real

By: Charles Holmes & Ian Wixted

Foamposites have seen a resurgence recently with some dope colorways and crazy themes. Selling out in a matter of seconds, Foamposites have become one of the most sought after silhouettes hitting the release calendar. The team at Nike has come up with new ways to show off one of their greatness technological advancements, but we think they could use some help choosing new colorways for feature releases. Here is our list of Foamposite colorways we wish were real!


We know the ladies love when they see that little blue box, and now sneakerheads love seeing that color on their feet! The ‘Tiffany’ colorway is inspired by the famous jewelry shop known worldwide for its Tiffany Blue colored boxes. A colorway that has proven to work on many different silhouettes looks fantastic on the Foamposite Pro. Tiffany Blue contrasts with black and a touch of gray making this one of the cleanest colorways we wish Nike would produce.

“Tiger Camo”Foamposite_TigerCamo

Tiger Camo is simplistic yet bold at the same time. A colorway made famous by Atmos and their Air Max 1 collab, seems to transition well on the Foamposite Pro. A black colorway with subtle gray tiger stripes will have you feeling like Shere Khan every time you put these on. If Nike were to ever release this colorway it would be their fiercest one.

“Air flight huarache”

A well-known colorway in the basketball world made famous by a group of freshman is now available on another basketball classic. The Air Flight Huarache colorway is as classic as the Fab Five and changed how basketball viewed fashion forever. A white upper is hit with lyon blue tongue and bold berry trimming, and an icy sole makes this colorway a must have for Fab Five fans everywhere.

“Batman vs. superman”Foamposite_Batman


The greatest of friends, the bitterest of rivals, Batman and Superman have been linked together for as far back as we can remember. Two-thirds of The Trinty and perhaps the most recognizable superheroes of all-time are represented on two separate foams. We envisioned this as a pack, the Dark Knight vs. the Son of Krypton, in their classic color pallets. Nike would be smart to release this pack right before the Justice League movie premier.


It’s time to pop bottles! The Cork colorway has been one of the strangest phenomena in recent years. Technically not a colorway, more of a texture, Cork mimics the color and feel of the stuff known for capping bottles and boards to post flyers on. If Nike were to release this colorway, it would best be served around the NBA Finals, so that the winning team can celebrate poppin’ Cork!

“Air Mag”Foamposite_Mag

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Possibly the most sought after Nike silhouette is the elusive Nike Air Mag. Made famous by Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2, the Air Mag showed us all how sneakers would look like in the future. Since Foamposite technology is futuristic, it was a no-brainer to create ann Air Mag colorway. This would have been a perfect choice to celebrate Back to the Future Day.

“Moonrock” Foamposite_MoonLanding

The Moonrock Air Max 90 was in third place during Nike’s Vote Back contest, so that got us thinking, this colorway would work a lot better on a Foamposite. The Moon crater graphic looks more realistic with the help of the grooves on the Foamposite Pro and the American flag on the pull tab makes it look more like an actual flag. Nike has a great opportunity to release this colorway in 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Appolo 13’s Moon landing, the ball is in your court Nike, don’t let us down!


The boys at Atmos know what to do when they get a Nike silhouette in their hands! Another famous colorway from the Japanese boutique makes it on our list. After seeing the colorway return on the retro released last month had us thinking how the original colorway would look like on other Nike silhouettes, and the Foamposite Pro was the clear winner. Safari print covers the foam upper with a black tongue and not fuzzy golden trim. With this release, Nike could pair it up with the Tiger Camo to make an Atmos pack, but we think they would be better as a separate release.


This colorway was made famous by the Nike SB Dunk line. A colorway for anyone who partakes on the unofficial holiday that is April 20th. An earthy green upper with a hint of purple on the swoosh and pull tab, this colorway will have many on cloud 9 if Nike decides to release it. For medicinal use only.


When it comes to collabs, who does it bigger than Supreme? The first batch of Supreme Foamposites sold out instantly, like any other Supreme release, so why not create another classic colorway for sneakerheads to go nuts for! We see this Supreme Foamposite Pro breaking many sites on release day, a white upper with gold star print and baby blue accents on the swoosh and trim make this a tough colorway to pass up. It’s only a matter of time for Supreme and Nike to get back in the lab to create another Foamposite, and we hope it will look something like this!

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