Dunk Colorways We Wish Were Real (Pokemon Edition)

By: Ian Wixted

The Nike SB Dunk silhouette has made its mark in the sneaker world. Whether it be the High tops or the Low model, the Dunk is one of those styles you need to have at least one pair in your collection. The SB Dunk line hasn’t been where it used to be in the eyes of consumers, but recently we have seen a resurgence in the lines popularity due to some dope concepts. Another pop culture icon, Pokemon, has also made a resurgence lately as Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm! So we thought what better way to celebrate the resurgence of two iconic juggernauts then to combine the two! So here is the Dunk colorways we wish were real: Pokemon Edition.


graphics via Killronin https://www.instagram.com/killronin/

Number One in your Pokedex and maybe even number one in your hearts, Bulbasaur was our very first exposure to the world of Pokemon. This Grass type pokemon stores its power in the bulb that has been growing on its back since birth. As Bulbasaur grows so does the bulb and power. Blue-green covers the upper, with the Swoosh and laces a darker green representing Bulbasaur’s skin color and his patches, and the green on the toe cap, middle, and heel represents Bulbasaur’s bulb. As one of the most loyal Pokemon in the Pokedex, Bulbasaur is the perfect choice for the Dunk silhouette.




Charmander is probably the most popular out of the original starting 3 Pokemon, whether it be because you were going through a pyro stage or because his fully evolved Charizard graced the cover of Pokemon Red, it seems like a lot of kids would choose Charmander to start their adventures in Kanto. Even though choosing this Fire type as your first Pokemon made it challenging to start, once you’ve trained him and evolved into Charizard you were pretty much unstoppable. The upper represents Charmander’s skin tone and the toe cap, middle, and heel mimic his flame on the end of his tail. Just make sure you’re mentally ready for Charmander, because if he evolves too quickly, good luck with that Charizard!

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We all knew Squirtle was that dude ever since the Squirtle Squad made their presence known to Ash in the anime. A Water type turtle, Squirtle is the third out of the original 3 starters and choosing him to start your journey made winning your first gym badge against Brock a breeze. A blue upper represents Squirtle’s skin and the brown on the Swoosh, laces, and gum bottom represents the color of his shell. The pattern on the toe cap, middle, and heel mimics his famous water attacks.

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Pika Pika! The most recognizable Pokemon out of the original 151 has to be Pikachu. This Electric type mouse has been the face of the franchise ever since the anime made its debut back in 1998. Small in stature but packs a powerful shock with his electric abilities, Pikachu proves that you should never judge a book by its cover. The upper represents Pikachu’s skin tone and his iconic two-tone tail pattern, the red Swoosh mimics his rosy cheeks. Ash Ketchum’s right-hand man can now follow you around everywhere you go just like he did with Ash!

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“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” Now that’s some deep stuff for a kids show! Mewtwo was the creation of scientists who wanted to clone the legendary Mew. Being a test subject for most of its life made Mewtwo into a cold-hearted warrior only wanting to see his enemies destroyed, making Mewtwo one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence. The pale purple upper represents Mewtwo’s skin and tail color, and the Swoosh, laces, toe cap, middle, and heel mimic Mewtwo’s psychic attacks.

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“Team Valor”


This Dunk colorway is for anyone who has fire in their heart and wants to rise from the ashes victorious. This is for anyone who reps Team Valor! A red upper with white accents on the Swoosh, laces, and team member patch, with a firey graphic on the toe cap, middle, and heel to represent the team’s mascot: the legendary Moltres!


“Team Mystic”


This colorway is for those who keep a calm mind and want to explore the science behind Pokemon. Wanting to see the evolution of all species, this is for those who rep Team Mystic! An Icy Blue upper with white accents on the Swoosh, laces, and team member patch, with an Icy graphic on the toe cap, middle, and heel to represent the team’s mascot: the legendary Articuno!


“Team Instinct”


This colorway is for those who always trust their instincts no matter the situation they find themselves in. Believing the feelings you have in your gut, this is for the few who rep Team Instinct! A yellow upper with white accents on the Swoosh, laces, and team member patch with an electric graphic on the toe cap, middle, and heal to represent the team’s mascot: the legendary Zapdos!


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