The 5 People You See on Your First Day of School

By: Minna Hyon

Graphics By: Emily Kim

It’s officially Back to School season, and we’re starting to see everyone gear up for that first day. It’s the day to start fresh, and re-establish what kind of student, friend, and person you will be for the upcoming school year. And it’s also the day to show off your first day of school outfits. There’s the kid that’s going to show up in literally 100% new clothes, where the tags were ripped off hours before. Or the one that keeps it low-key and wears thrifted, no-brand-name clothes that shows how anti-mainstream they are. We came up with a few predictions about the type of back-to-school you’ll be seeing this week. Read about them below and let us know if you agree.

“The one who brings out all of his greatest hits on the first day”


Aka the hypebeast. You’re most likely going to see someone come in with straight up bangers from head to toe. We’re talking Yeezys on feet, a Supreme x North Face Backpack, maybe some Bathing Ape. You’re never really sure what the deal is with his rotation on that first day – it’s either he takes all of his best shots on day 1 and you slowly see his heat level decrease as the year goes on, with spikes every once in a while if he manages to cop the next hot drop. Or he’s that kid that always gets his hands on the most exclusive drops and you have no idea how. You’ll just have to wait and see.

“The one who is always your outfit goals”


This one is different than the one described above depending on your personal taste, but you’re not going to find any Supreme or Bathing Ape here. Instead, we’re talking about that one guy or girl that will always look so effortlessly cool and ahead of the curve. They’re the one that you frequently find yourself asking the question, “Where did you get that??” because they’re going to be wearing that low-key heat that your Average Joe will not be able to find in Forever 21 or H&M.

“The one who will join every club and activity possible”


You already know this person will most likely be voted class president. They’re the one that’s just always so on track with life, and you’re just here trying to survive the day wondering how they do it. The outfit they wear is going to be clean, but comfortable, so that they’re able to stay after school and attend every club meeting possible while staying fresh. We’re thinking button up shirts, non-saggy pants, and some New Balances or plain Vans – nothing too crazy.

“The one who you already know will be the captain of like 5 sports teams”


There’s the normal student who occasionally applies themselves in after-school sports, and then there’s this guy, who will live, breathe, and eat sports. You already know before try-outs are even announced that they will most likely be captain on at least 2 different teams. They’re going to be showing up in rip-off pants, last year’s school jersey, and maybe a basketball or football in hand so they can go straight from the classroom to the court.

“The one where expensive = trendy”


This is also slightly different than the first type described. The Hypebeast will wear what they wear because it is seen as exclusive and cool by the mass hypebeast population. But this guy is going to wear what they wear because it costs a lot of money, and that’s it. You’ll see him on the first day and do a little “Okay, I see you” nod to that item of clothing, and then most likely transition to a “but why did you wear it like that” confused look after seeing what they paired it with. Rest assured, this guy will always have the latest trend somewhere on their body, but you’ll shake your head because they won’t know how to do it justice.


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