By: Ian Wixted

Ever wonder what a silhouette would look like if an opposing company got their hands on a competitors’ sketchbook? Well, your curiosity has finally paid off! Welcome to Sunday Swaps, a new feature to the KicksUSA blog where we take two existing silhouettes from competing companies to create a brand new silhouette. What would the sneaker world look like if Tinker Hatfield worked for adidas? If Stan Smith was a Nike athlete? Or if Kayne went to Puma? These are the types of answers we are going to solve!

Saucony Infared

Imagine a world where the Nike Air Max 1 was a commercial flop. After trying his hand in sneaker design, Tinker Hatfield was comtemplating going back to a career in architecture. Saucony, a sportswear company based in Massachusetts, were lacking a certain edge to their designs at the end of the 80s and they wanted to revamp their brand heading into the 90s. Saucony was a huge fan of Tinker’s air bubble design and saw potential in the new technology. In a last ditch effort, they called Tinker to set up a meeting to sway him to design one more silhouette for their new running line. The contents of that meeting led to the creation of the Saucony Infared, a silhouette that revolutionized the industry, Saucony, and made Tinker Hatfield a sneaker designer to be reckoned with!


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